Healthcare from Taiwan Helps the world! TAITRA Leads in Establishing the Online Taiwan Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion

Epidemic prevention strategies used in different countries have become the dominant international issue of 2020. Taiwan has received international recognition and praise because of our swift, pre-emptive response as well as the action we took to integrate various resources to control the pandemic. TAITRA is delighted to announce the launch of our online “Taiwan Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion” on the 4th June. The pavilion combines the work of experts from different areas, including more than 20 medical institutions and 2,000 companies focused on medical devices for epidemic prevention. They have all taken the initiative in sharing epidemic prevention information, through the medical digital platforms in Taiwan, and TAITRA is proud to promote these domestic industries related to epidemic prevention globally.


According to TAITRA’s chairman, Mr. James C. F. Huang, due to the dire experience of SARS, Taiwan initiated border controls, the requisition orders of masks, the establishment of a national epidemic prevention team for increased mask production, and other technology-based epidemic prevention methods in the early stages of the outbreak. Combined with our world-class public health system and the high epidemic prevention awareness among people, Taiwan’s performance during the pandemic has gained plaudits from all over the globe. However, Chairman Huang also emphasized that there are still a lot of countries fighting the pandemic at the moment. Based on the spirit of humanity and our devotion to others as a member of the global village, the online “Taiwan Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion” integrates domestic resources for epidemic prevention, shares Taiwan’s experiences and matches the supply and demand needs for medical technology and medical devices. It also showcases Taiwan’s medical strengths in order to allow international visitors, with different priorities, such as medical staff, buyers, and the public to seek the best solutions for themselves.


TAITRA believes that the world is entering the stage of post-pandemic. In the future, the awareness of epidemic prevention and health-related policies and practices will need to be enhanced continuously. Additionally, companies need to be in a state of readiness as there will still be high demand for medical supplies and services. Through our single-portal web, TAITRA has established an “Industries” section which integrates the 20 medical institutions and 2,000 domestic companies involved in the epidemic prevention industry, an “Epidemic-Prevention Experience Sharing” section which invites scholars and experts from all areas to contribute their personal insights, and the “Taiwan Model” section which shares the successful approaches used for epidemic prevention in Taiwan.


Meanwhile, in order to bridge the limitations of physical interaction, the online “Taiwan Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion” establishes digital channels such as “Epidemic-Prevention Experience Sharing” and “Quality Anti-Epidemic Products” which has been the buzzword on the Taiwan trade website recently. These channels provide customized medical conference arrangement, negotiation help for procurement, and an online order service to offer necessary assistance all over the world instantly. According to the statistics collected by TAITRA, more than 12 webinars for medical conferences had been held since May with more than 13,000 medical staff participating. Take the online epidemic prevention course between National Cheng Kung University Hospital and a pharmaceutical company in India the other day as an example. The hospital shared Taiwan’s epidemic prevention experience with 9,000 doctors in India through distance learning. It was a presentation of the benefits of the healthcare system in Taiwan and a prime example of our devotion to global epidemic prevention.


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TAITRA’s online “Taiwan Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion” is a digital platform that moves to make the world closer and highlights Taiwan’s ability to integrate its medical strengths. It displays resources like distance learning, medical supplies and matchmaking, knowledge accumulated by public health experts, and the approaches taken for epidemic prevention in Taiwan. Thus far, TAITRA has already shared information on epidemic prevention with multiple nations, including Myanmar, India, Thailand, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. TAITRA will continue working with domestic industries, medical institutions, public associations, and government agencies to perfect the information flow related to the ecosystem for epidemic prevention in the “Taiwan Anti-COVID-19 Pavilion”. Taiwan will also strive to actively to meet the demands of international visitors and deal with the epidemic challenge together with the rest of the world through the resources and capabilities of medical and anti-epidemic industries in Taiwan.


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